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Mary from Michigan Saves the World show

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Radio drama for today.

By Empire Podcasting System

Musician's RealTalk show

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Musician's RealTalk is a podcast which focuses on life stories of musicians in the DMV area (Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia). The content of the stories are both substantive and historical told first-hand by the artist themselves. The podcast is equally beneficial to musicians and non-musicians, as there is something everyone can take from these life stories. A quote from one listener, "Musician's RealTalk is real talk that is real good". So take a moment and check out the Musician's RealTalk podcast.

By Glenn Douglas

Instru(mental) show

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<p>How and why does music impact human behavior? Each episode we dive into music psychology and music science research from a music therapist's perspective. Come away with practical tips for how you can apply what you learn about music into your everyday life.</p><p>Find more information on the research articles and music included in each episode at our website, Follow us on Twitter (@instrumentalpod) and Facebook for the latest news and updates!</p>

By Brea Murakami

Fast Fiction show

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Short stories and skits of varying lengths and writing styles are narrated, performed and dramatized by skilled actors. Either choose them at random, or select your favorite literary genre according to your mood. Crime Without Grime may be lighthearted or murder most foul; The Spouse Trap covers marital discord which may be funny or may be dark; Life In The Slow Lane offers anecdotal stories from suburbia that may make you laugh – or cry, while Wannarbee Bond is a pulp fiction spoof with overtones of Mickey Spillane. There are also stories that you may find Makes You Think and will provide a conversation thread with friends who are fellow listeners. But at all times we hope you will find stories to interest, intrigue and enjoy.

By Breanda Cross

Squatch Smashers Comedy Podcast show

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For decades, in rural Western Pennsylvania, the government has been capturing, containing and storing dangerous Cryptids in huge underground catacombs in a top-secret program known as Project "No Talky Abouty". They also built a town to house the most notorious and strangest criminals from the witness relocation program right over top of those catacombs. That town is called Dunglewood. Now the government's precious secrets are about to be revealed to all as one of their experiments has proven to be too strong and too stupid to be contained. Mostly too stupid. Join Zeke Delfour, Vlad the Vampire, Jenny the Kill-bot, and Elvis Aaron Pressley, who is also a Necromancer for some reason and their all-star cast on the super popular podcast Squatch Smashers!

By Darren Esler

Spoleto Backstage show

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Spoleto Backstage is a limited series podcast which takes you behind the curtain to meet the artists and people who make Spoleto Festival USA happen in Charleston. You're invited to places you can't buy a ticket for to see how opera, theater, dance, and more are made. Join host Adam Parker, arts reporter for the Post and Courier, for six episodes between May 14 and June 11 to hear the stories behind Spoleto Festival USA 2019 and Piccolo Spoleto Festival 2019.

By Sean Birch

后浪剧场 show

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后浪剧场 聊与艺术有关的一切,最终指向我们的日常生活。一个表演、戏剧向图书品牌/一个聊艺术话题的播客电台/一个开办各类工作坊的表演教室/一个策划各类线上线下活动的创意平台/我们的播客【后浪剧场】曾获得荣誉:喜马拉雅首届播客创作大赛第四赛段优秀奖,Apple Podcasts 2018年度最佳播客、QT FM2018年度文化类优秀主播欢迎关注【后浪剧场】微信公众号、微博,获取相关节目的衍生信息。我们也有【后浪剧场】学习交流群。加后浪剧场小浪浪微信17801702361申请加群。每周五更新。

By 后浪电影学院

Letter Talk Podcast show

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Letter writing is a dying art. With the advent social networking, text messaging, and ignoring your problems and loved ones, nobody writes letters anymore. I’m here to push against the trend, to be that letter writing equivalent of that hipster guy who still rides a pennyfarthing. I’m just one stupid person who writes letters to anyone about anything, and I’d be honored to write one to you. My name is Alyssa and this is Letter Talk.

By Alyssa Cowan

The Subtext  show

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From AMERICAN THEATRE magazine, a podcast where playwrights talk to playwrights about the things usually left unsaid. In a conversation that dives into life's muck, we learn what irks, agitates, motivates, inspires and - ultimately - what makes writers tick. (This feed is for the Subtext from 2018 onwards. For old episodes of the Subtext from 2015 to 2017, visit

By American Theatre

Westworld FM show

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Alex and Nick (from the Midwest Film Nerds Podcast and Gone to Texas) sit down each week to discuss the latest episode of HBO's Westworld. With directors like Jonathan Nolan, Michelle MacLaren, Neil Marshall, Vincenzo Natali, and more, the show is poised to be the next big thing from HBO! This podcast will have new episodes coming out every week a new episode of HBO's Westworld airs. Visit for all episodes, tweet us @westworldfm and email us at

By Midwest Podcast Network