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Limited Resources show

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A weekly podcast dedicated to improving your play at Magic: The Gathering with an emphasis on Limited play.

By Marshall Sutcliffe

The Thursday Trivia Podcast show

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<p>"It's great fun! I recommend it" - James Carter, Podquiz</p> Daniel Pecoraro (contributor to mental_floss and PodQuiz) hosts a biweekly show of 5 trivia questions on a certain topic or theme, with pod-safe music (from field recordings to song covers to loops to the best of Creative Commons music) separating the questions and answers.

By Daniel Pecoraro

Going Last show

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Going Last is a podcast about all the incarnations of tabletop games. Dice games? Ready to roll. Card games? Shuffle up and deal. Board games. We'll flatten em. RPGs? Pencils and swords sharpened.<br> Your hosts are Rich and Kenna — two life long gamers, coming to the table with two different points of view. For Rich, a mathematician and game developer, the crunchier a game, the better. Rich dives into the small moments and mechanics that make a game come alive. Meanwhile, Kenna celebrates the fun of the game. Set her up with an immersive theme, engaging gameplay and great social interaction; and who needs to win?<br> Together, they are committed to bringing their passion for games to listeners in a podcast focused on teaching games, following the latest in new games and analyzing the bleeding edge of gaming: Kickstarter.

By Going Last

After Ullanor - The Horus Heresy Garagehammer Book Club show

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A Book Club/Review of the Horus Heresy Series from the Garagehammer crew.

By David Witek and Greg Dann

Breaking News show

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An Android: Netrunner podcast by Dodd Harris and Jeffrey Harris.

By Dodd Harris, Jeff Harris

Rolling Dice &amp; Taking Names show

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We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: http://feeds.feedblitz.com/rolldicetakenames Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

By Rolling Dice &amp; Taking Names

Gamersledge Podcast v2 show

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GLP is a weekly podcast concerning videogames and the videogame industry, but is a conversational, generaly geekery podcast that can wander into RPGs, tabletop gaming, movies, music and television.

By Mark Bohdanyk

Podcast – cheeseshop show

Podcast – cheeseshopJoin Now to Follow

These are a series of Actual Plays from the Cheeseshop.org

By Bradley Harvey

Gamers With Children show

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Gamers With Children is devoted to providing information on games, board games, and family hobbies in general. As parents ourselves sometimes our schedule is rocky but we strive to provide new content as we can.

By Gamers With Children

The Deck Tease show

The Deck TeaseJoin Now to Follow

A brand new mini podcast about Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft. Hosted by Oestrus, you can hear all about her adventures as a seasoned World of Warcraft player who suddenly finds herself on the opposite end of the competitive spectrum when she decides to start playing Magic the Gathering again after a 10 year break. Tune in to listen to her most candid opinions and stories relating to these two games and a whole lot more.

By Oestrus