Breastfeeding And Going Back to Work

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Summary: We talk with Irene Zoppi, RN, MSN, IBCLC, Medela’s clinical breastfeeding education specialist who discusses issues with breastfeeding when you go back to work and ways to succeed and continue to give you baby the best food possible! She says you need to ask your employer for a private place to pump, scheduled breaks, and refrigeration for your milk. Ask for these things before you take your maternity leave. Most employers are willing to help if you communicate your needs. If there are enough mothers who need to pump, your employer may find it worthwhile to buy one of the hospital grade pumps that you bring your own kit to use. It is the best kind! Try to pump every three hours to maintain your milk supply. To learn more go to or We are announcing our “You know you are a mom if  . . .”  segment.    So you understand it, here is an example: You know you are a mom if you find yourself singing Old MacDonald in the car…alone! So keep a pad and pen close and write your You Know You are a Mom If    ideas down. Today, we have Jamie from McKinney Texas as a guest in studio today.   Jamie’s son  Ryan is an excellent example of how signing can really change your baby’s life in ways well beyond just stopping tantrums. Ryan is 4 and began  reading at 3.  We’ll learn how the two are are connected.