Resale Stores and Traveling in Cars with Kids

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Summary: We talk with Cathy Marks on how to buy and sell clothing and other items at resale stores like Children’s Orchard.  Then, Stacey gives us tips about traveling with kids in cars for long distances–just in time for your end-of-summer road trip.  We’ll also catch up with all the hosts on whose baby is signing what and how life is going as well as discuss a few great products we have found.  From Stacey on Traveling with Kids in Cars: NOTE:  Safety is always paramount.   Make sure you have had your car checked and you have safe seats for all children. Try to travel at the most normal times for your child. (ie If they sleep well in the car, you could plan driving time around naps or night, but not too late for you to safely drive!) Make sure that all their needs are met (ie they are well rested, well fed, clean clothes, diaper, etc. too often parents try to go too far without changing diapers, but this is not in anyone’s best interest) PLAN AHEAD!  This cuts down on lots of frustration when the baby is screaming.  Set a realistic goal for the day’s travel distance, then add in extra time.  We add two hours for every ten of driving.  Use this time for effective stops, you will not feel frustrated when it is necessary to stop to feed, change or just stretch, and exercise yourself and baby.  Make sure your route is planned, have reservations already so you can stop and sleep right when you’re ready. Make routine stops before emergencies arise.  We stop every two hours whether anyone is screaming or not.  We do potties if needed, gas for the car if needed, otherwise we pass out healthy snacks, everyone changes seats, change drivers, one new toy/book per child, we do a family cheer and then we’re off again.  No one gets bored or angry when we stop that often and it actually saves time in the end. Don’t bring too much food, otherwise you will just be eating all the time.  You’ll get drowsy and sick, baby will be over stimulated.  Bring stuff to do so boredom just not induce eating. Interact with your child every so often so they don’t feel abandoned and trapped in the car.  Play fun games with them (like doing the Sign Babies ASL FLash Cards). Then, turn around and let them know when you are “done” so you can have some down time for you too. Pack a good diaper or satellite bag upfront, not with the luggage, so you have all you need at all times.  This should include a change of clothes for baby, PJS special blanket, etc.  I always put everyone in jammies at the 7-8 pm stop.  Then, when we arrive at the hotel at 10 -11pm, the kids just go right into the beds while parents work. Baby wipes on every row of seats.  need I say more? (hand sanitizer too) DVD players if desired with appropriate movies (Signing Time) First aid kit in car, including Tylenol or whatever for pain if baby is teething or uncomfortable.