Episode 901 – Mysterious Universe

Mysterious Universe show

Summary:   We return for our first show of 2013 and a brand new season of strange and wonderful content to fill your hungry ears! Tsunami bombs, Russian Chupacabras, and Ascension 20xx updates get us warmed up for some of our favorite classic tales of modern day dinosaur sightings. We then head into more familiar territory with chilling shadow people encounters and fresh past life regressions. Read on for show notes, music, and books. This episode is proudly sponsored by Audible. Click HERE for your free audiobook download! Tsunami bomb, a rival for nuclear weapons, was tested by U.S., New Zealand: archived secret files Military archives show NZ and US conducted secret tsunami bomb tests Mission to Mars Could Mess With Your Brain Fake mission to Mars leaves astronauts spaced out Five Key Characteristics of an Astronaut Traces of Chupakabra in the russian city Emanzhelinsk KASAI REX, BURRUNJOR, AND MINI-T-REX: EVIDENCE OF SURVIVING CARNIVOROUS DINOSAURS? Encounters with black shadows, including a ~7-foot one with red eyes. Vale Philip Coppens (1971-2012) Plus+ Extension Sign up to Plus+ this week and get 30 days FREE! Use the coupon code 'MU2013'. Click HERE Mystery in Shoshone National Forest Awakening I am a cardiac surgeon, part of my job is to harvest hearts from living organ donors. AMA My Son Remembers Dying In the Navy From a Shark Bite Died From a Plague Siberian Doctors Use Sticks to Literally Beat Drug Addiction Audible Recommendations Aaron - The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout Ben - Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story Music Handbook - Day To Day (Thank You) My Nu Leng - Elite Vanilla - Rashida Dosage - Bring it Back Vanilla - Azure Todd Terje - Inspector Norse (Original Mix) Mala - Calle F S O H N - The Wheel (MAU Remix)