018 WF: 7 Steps to a Wealthy 2013

WealthFast Podcast show

Summary: The ladies of the WealthFast Podcast give you seven actionable steps to multiply your way to wealth. These are not resolutions, these are a way of life.   Are you ready to become wealthy? What are your goals for 2013 and the rest of your life? On this episode of the WealthFast Podcast Paula from AffordAnything.com and LaTisha from YoungFinances.com give you 7 steps to become wealthy. If you incorporate these steps into your life on a daily basis you will see a change in your finances! Also for this week's Think Rich tip we talk about breaking down your goals into small steps.   By the way, in this episode we mention .. The Millionaire Next Door Paula's Recommended Credit Card for Rewards As always, if you have questions, comments or a story you want to share, call our hotline at 770-744-0527. You can access that hotline through our Contact Page, or via the awesome icon in our right-hand sidebar.