Quickcast #2 — Convenience Foods

The Saver's Kitchen show

Summary: Making your own convenience foods can help save money on your grocery budget. Another benefit is the ability to control ingredients, sodium, and fat. If you've already made the Basil-Balsamic or Raspberry Vinaigrette, Teriyaki Sauce, or the Basic Red Sauce from Fix, Freeze, Feast, you're already making your own convenience foods. It's not hard, is it? Show Notes Cookbooks: Make A Mix; Very Salad Dressing; Herb Mixtures and Spicy Blends Articles: Saving Money With Homemade Convenience Mixes; Homemade Mixes; Homemade Instant Oatmeal Packets Write us with comments, ideas, or suggestions. Subscribe in a reader There you can select your podcatcher of choice--iTunes, Odeo, Podnova, etc.