Quickcast #11 — The Family Table

The Saver's Kitchen show

Summary: Show Description The down economy has us all eating home more often. Sure, dining in saves money. But it also takes more of our time to plan, cook, and clean up. Are there any other benefits? Kati reports the results of various studies of the family table and its impact on child and adolescent development. Contest winners announced too! Show Notes Family Day is an effort supported by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. Near the middle of the page, there is a link to a report called, "The Importance of Family Dinners." Check it out. The Surprising Power of Family Meals, by Miriam Weinstein, is a rich source of information for those seeking a more in-depth look at the body of research related to family meals. Weinstein also does a good job analyzing cultural and economic trends that impact family meals as well. It's way more readable than my description might suggest. Two more articles about family meals: "The Magic of The Family Meal," and "Benefits of the Dinner Table Ritual." Write us with comments, ideas, or suggestions. Subscribe in a reader There you can select your podcatcher of choice--iTunes, Odeo, Podnova, etc.