Episode 823 – MU/GR 2012 End of the World Live Show!

Mysterious Universe show

Summary: The end of 2012 is upon us and we're going out with a bang! Join us for the "Gralien Universe" 2012 LIVE show! In a bold MU experiment we are broadcasting live and opening up the lines to you. Hey, it's the end of the world. What could possibly go wrong? Our first hour will be Ben, Aaron, and Elliot recapping the year for MU, then we join forces with the Gralien Report and special guests to countdown to the end of 12/21/12. EDIT: Huge thanks to everyone who was able to make it for the live stream. Hit the jump to see the full video recording if you missed it. Call us live! +1 530 91 8899 6 or Skype us at mysteriousuniv LIVE BROADCAST START 10:00 PM (EST) - Friday 21st December 2012 Global dates and times below the jump. Australia EDST 2:00 PM Saturday 22nd December 2012 Britain GMT 3:00 AM Saturday 22nd December 2012 America EST 10:00 PM Friday 21st December 2012 PST 7:00 PM Friday 21st December 2012 CST 9:00 PM Friday 21st December 2012 Don't worry if you miss it. The show will be recorded and made available for download. The full 3 hours will be available to Plus+ Members with 2 hours available to free listeners.