4 Feet Running - Ep. 46

4 Feet Running show

Summary: 4 Feet Running has a wicked good time at the Salem Wicked Half-Marathon! This jam-packed week: - Nik and Dan get lost in a thick, dark fog in America's spookiest city - Nik prepares to run the Wicked Half, her longest distance in a while thanks to some gastrointestinal & dietary issues - Speaking of which, she finally gets an answer as to what's wrong with her (sort of) - Dan realizes he's too neurotic to do Chi Running - They get recognized by a very nice listener - Dan hears a very angry half-marathoner refuse any sort of encouragement whatsoever in the strongest possible language - Nik has a great time at the race but misses her favorite socks - They also discuss some other interesting clothing choices in their childhood - They get some fantastic feedback (10.4.08)