4 Feet Running - Ep. 47

4 Feet Running show

Summary: Think global, run local with 4 Feet Running! This episode: - Nik and Dan go for the Zen Run 10K in Lakeville, Mass. - They talk about their World Wide Festival of Races runs, and why they prefer to call it the WWF - Fall's their favorite season, so they take advantage of it by being out among the various topiaries, lakes, cranberry bogs, and other features of nature - Then nature calls - Nature won't stop calling, so they take advantage of nature by having a pit stop in the woods - Nik discusses what it's like to go wheat-free, Dan wants manly-sounding shoes, and Myrna can't stop wheezing - They talk about their first-ever experiences with running - Nik and Dan get some great feedback from very nice people, and actually give some feedback to other very nice people (10.27.08)