4 Feet Running - Ep. 53

4 Feet Running show

Summary: Make way for 4 Feet Running! This action-packed week: - Nik, Dan, and the dogs run 3 miles in Boston's Public Garden and Common - Nik starts her San Diego Marathon training plan and is liking it, except for a tiny little pain in her shin that comes & goes - Constant snow and ice keeps frustrating them, and work gets in the way of Dan's running (really, trust me) - They may have witnessed a horrible crime in the middle of the Public Garden - The difference between cable exercises and kegel exercises - Rest In Peace: Dan's NikePlus Sportband. In a related development, Dan gets an early birthday present - Who would win in a fight: a monkey or a unicorn? - Want to support the move to get Dan's chubby bum out on the road? Buy your "DAN GO RUN" gear here at Cafe Press - They read tons of great email from wonderful people (2.2.09)