Episode 1: A Preview

badapodcast! show

Summary: Greetings All: Ba Da Bing! Records would like to introduce something we've been trying to get going: our very own badapodcast. We just wanted to give you a little something extra and start off 2007 right. :] We're going to attempt to provide you with a bi-weekly podcast of Ba Da Bing! goodies. Also, there will be the occasional Leaf Label and/or Planet Mu treat. Prepare yourselves. Our first episode is just a test to make sure we've got this technology stuff right. It's one track, but we've hand picked a really good one: "Postcards from Italy" by Beirut. It's off of Beirut's debut album Gulag Orkestar. You can read reviews at Pitchfork Media and Rolling Stone, amongst others. We're also going to be gracing iTunes Podcast Directory, so it will be really hard to escape us. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out!