Episode-938- Understanding the Problems vs the Symptoms

The Survival Podcast show

Summary: Now This is a Problem Yesterday I included a response to a claim by a listener that Walmart was “destroying America”.  In doing so I didn’t claim Walmart was a fine company or that they should be supported. I simply pointed out that all the big businesses that compete with them did the same types of things.  That a boycott of Walmart would accomplish little and we could actually use large companies like Walmart more effectively to get rid of specific products like “pink slime”. Well, you guys say I have it wrong, really?  What do I have wrong?  My view is this is a deeper problem where a specific grudge and anger blind people to the truth.  Walmart isn’t the problem, it is but a symptom of the actual problem. Going to war with Walmart in the current system is like giving a headache patient an aspirin and thinking it will fix the problem.  It might feel better but the problem remains.  This isn’t just a corporate issue, it is a government one and a monetary one, in fact that is the entire point. When there is an illness if you are a good doctor the symptoms are used only to diagnose the illness and you correct the imbalance in the system that is the root cause.  The reality is if you only treat the symptom, the illness gets worse.  You can cut out a tumor yet a cancer patient will often still die. Join Me Today As I Discuss… What is a boycott and why they don’t work on large companies Why 20,000 backyard chickens is better then 45,000 people avoiding Walmart One time just so you get it, I DON’T THINK WALMART IS GOOD Why I always say Monsanto, Conagra and Bayer not just Monsanto Finding the real problem Step one – follow the money Step two – see step one Step three – understand individual behavior Step four – understand the total system not one component Step five – see step one What does work Focus on the positives Build and value community Reduce and eliminate debt Do business with the best company available Accept that the debt based system is going to fail Resources for Today’s Show Members Support Brigade TSP Copper Join Our Forum Sawtooth Tactical – (sponsor of the day) Knife Kits – (sponsor of the day) Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.