HTGYG Show #147: Twelve Days of Christmas Day 12: Cookbooks for Kids!

How To Grow Your Geek: Parenting and More! show

Summary: I’m recommending a great geeky gift for your kids for the first 12 days of Christmas, and since I started a day early, it’ll actually be a baker’s dozen of 13! (If you have recommendations, please send them to me at or @susiethegeek on Twitter!) Today’s entry is a great item to get for you to use with your child – kids’ cookbooks! Cooking is fun and educational, and teaching your children how to use recipes and make basic dishes is a good way to spend time together! I’m listing Emeril Lagasse’s There’s a Chef in My Soup and Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes by Mollie Katzen and Anne Henderson here, but there are lots more great kids’ cookbooks out there. Here are two lists of recommendations – one from and one from for you to check out as well! Please email me with your own comments at howtogrowyourgeek-at-gmail-dot-com, or call my voicemail number at (678) 235-GROW (4769) and leave your thoughts. And last but not least, you can follow me on Twitter at @SusietheGeek or the show at @HowToGrowGeek, on Goodreads as SusieMurph, and on Google+ as +SusieMurph! Logo Art by Tim Coffey Theme music courtesy of Jonathan Coulton