287 The New MySpace – Domain Extensions – Playing Audio of Video Podcasts in the Apple Podcasts App – And More!

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Summary: First Impressions of the New MySpace In this week's Social Media Segment, Erik J. Fisher and I discuss our first impressions of the new MySpace. We both created profiles which you can find at http://new.myspace.com/gspn and http://new.myspace.com/erikjfisher (These links only work if you have access to the private beta at this time). We talk a little bit about what we think after seeing it after just one day. We also talked about the Instagram vs. Twitter situation that's been happening recently and the fact that Facebook is now changing the language on personal profiles from "subscribers" to "followers."   Personal Plug of The Week This week's Personal Plug of the Week is for The Human Business Way podcast with Chris Brogan. I listened to three episodes: one with Christopher S. Penn, one with my good friend, Michael Hyatt, and one with Chris' mom and dad, Steve and Diane Brogan. My favorite episode of Chris' new show is the episode he did with his mom and dad. I absolutely love the fact that he published an unpolished interview with his parents; this adds to the flavor and personal touch that podcasting brings. I believe that one thing people really enjoy about the shows that I produce is that they have a personal touch and feel authentic, and it was great to experience that on Chris' podcast. Chris is not new to podcasting at all. In fact, together with Christopher S. Penn, he created PodCamp, the New Media UnConference. I also want to thank Chris for the awesome plug he gave me on his blog and on his mailing list. I encourage you to listen to Chris' podcast (you can catch it here or on iTunes), and if you like it, be sure to let him know you heard about him from the Podcast Answer Man.   Apple Podcasts App Tip For Video Podcasts A special thanks to John Bud who recently shared how he got a video podcast episode running in the background without the app up and running in the foreground. With what John shared I was able to immediately confirm the following: - I can start a VIDEO PODCAST. - I can click the home button (which will stop the playback). - I can then double click the home button and click the play button and it will play it audio only. - I can even fast forward 15 seconds at a time. - I can actually close/lock the phone and continue to listen. Thanks so much, John, for leading me to these discoveries!   What's Up With the .tv Domain Name? Debbie called in and asked why I chose to go with the .tv domain name when I chose gspn.tv. I provide the history and the inspiration behind my decision, and also give my thoughts about whether I would or would not use a .tv domain name again. I also share my thoughts on various other domain options such as .org, .net, .co, etc.   What if There Are No Other Podcaster's in My Niche to Interview Me? Ben called in to let me know that he'd love to be interviewed by others in his niche, but wondered what he should do since there aren't very many other podcasts in his niche. I gave Ben the following advice: - Inspire others in your niche to launch podcasts in your niche! - Are there podcasts that exist in other niches that also have your target audience? - Go where your audience is. - Be interviewed by the magazines they read. - Speak at the industry conferences for your niche. - Interview bloggers from your niche! I gave Ben some additional ideas as well.   Should I Submit My Podcast with a US iTunes Account? This question came from Anna. She lives in Germany, but has an English language podcast. She wonders if she should submit her podcast in the US store instead of the iTunes store in Germany. You'll have to listen to the show to hear my thoughts on this, and of course, if you have additional thoughts on this topic, I'd love to hear about them in the comment section below.   Trish Jones Sends a Big Thank You Trish Jones paid $2,000 for a podcasting course several years ago and didn't do a whole lot with it. However,