015 WF: Networking and Internships

WealthFast Podcast show

Summary: Some internships are worth their weight -- er, excuse me, their "time invested" -- in gold. These internships lead to dream jobs, amazing resume boosters, impressive and transferable skills, and connections that will help you for the rest of your life. Other internships, though, are just cleverly-devised ways that crafty employers squeeze gullible job-seekers for free labor. Networking is the same way. Some networking opportunities will pay for themselves a thousand-fold. Others are just a clever way for the host to collect your drink fees or meal dues. And yet other networking opportunities are simply ... a waste of time. So how can you distinguish valuable internships and networking opportunities from humdrum ones? This week's WealthFast Podcast has the answers. By the way, in this episode we mention .. The Financial Blogger Conference -- the premiere conference for people interested in the intersection of personal finance, financial services, and the Internet. ("Oh, I'm sure the Internet is just a fad ...") By the way, do you have a burning desire to meet LaTisha and Paula in person? You can meet us both at the next Financial Blogger Conference (also known as "FinCon")! Yakezie Personal Finance Bloggers -- Both LaTisha and Paula are members of this networking group, which connects personal finance bloggers together. LaTisha and Paula both underwent a 6-month application period, during which time they had to achieve certain website success metrics and produce other tangible outputs.