013 WF: Failures and Successes

WealthFast Podcast show

Summary: You'll hear a few confessions in this week's podcast, as hosts LaTisha and Paula tell stories of a time each of us failed at money and career management. Of course, we'll also tell stories about a time we rocked it. Nope, this isn't campfire story hour. This week's episode centers around the theme of failure and success. Most WealthFast Podcast listeners have big dreams and bold goals. Chasing these goals means that inevitably, we'll encounter setbacks. We need to be ready to cope with these. The ability to stand up from a fall, brush yourself off and try again is the quality that distinguishes people who succeed from people who give up. It's the quality that separates a failure from a learning experience. As Thomas Edison said: “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” You'll hear the "juicy dirt" of the time Paula lost big money in the stock market, and the four years that LaTisha didn't think about how her actions would impact her future. You'll also hear how each of these ladies recovered. Enjoy the show! Got questions? Want to make a comment? Call the WealthFast hotline at 770-744-0527, or use the voicemail option on the right side of our contact page.