021: Nena Anderson

Dirty Thursdays show

Summary: **It's our Dirty 21st! Dirty Thursdays is definitely hitting the bars tonight!** This week's dirty-episode has been in-the-making since January... we finally found time to sit down with singer-songwriter Nena Anderson - and she was even kind enough to entertain my 'professional' interviewing skills. Tune in to hear about her upcoming indie/blues/jazz/country/pop album, San Diego's honky-tonk scene, and a new duo project with Adrian DeMain. click for more pics Nena's debut record "Beyond The Lights" is slated to come out in the next month or two. Until then you can hear her in person at the Grant Grill or Belly Up Tavern. Enjoy! PLAYLIST: -Sink Or Swim -One More -I Fall In Love Too Fast -Beyond The Lights bonus: Hush [outro] Entire episode:  download episode 21 Cut to the Chase (last two songs):  download ep 21 part 2 LINKS: Nena Anderson (official site) Brawley (facebook) Nena on twitter The Neverout (facebook)