027: The Mattson 2

Dirty Thursdays show

Summary: ©Andrew Paytner At long last - the The Mattson 2 podcast!  Yes, I know that was redundant.  And these two identical-twins could almost be the the same person. Good luck telling their voices apart during the interview. Their new CD Feeling Hands recently came out and has been featured on NPR. [link to buy] Without further ado, enjoy San Diego's post-rock-surf-jazz golden boys. ©Michael Klayman ©Michael Klayman ©Michael Klayman ©Michael Klayman ©Michael Klaymanclick for more pics PLAYLIST:-Black Rain -Pleasure Point -Man From Anamnesis Entire episode: download ep 27 Cut to the Chase (skip to the last song): for non-flash users - download ep 27 part 2 LINKS: The Mattson 2 (website) The Mattson 2 (facebook) Photos from photographer Michael Klayman