The Novel Experience Podcast – Crime Writer Anthony Bidulka (Part 2)

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Summary: Hey lovers of words and stories. Welcome to The Novel Experience®, the podcast dedicated to the craft and art of fiction writing. Listen, enjoy and improve your chances of getting published! Episode 3: Date with a Sheesha Part 2 Just launched the third episode where I continue my conversation with the award-winning crime writer Anthony Bidulka (, the pride of the Canadian prairies. (Duration: roughly 15 minutes) Listen (above or below) to Part 2 to discover Anthony's Five 'Cs' of author promotion and help your own book marketing...oh, all right. I'll give you a hint. The first three are: Confidence, Communication and Capitalization. Of course, to learn the last two and to hear Anthony's terrific insight on Capitalization, which he describes as capitalizing on your strengths and dealing with your weaknesses, you gotta listen. If you haven't heard Part 1 or would like to hear my other interviews, click The Novel Experience Podcast ( The Novel Experience Podcast Ep. 3 - Anthony Bidulka ( Buy Anthony's book: