MOT #91 - What Will You Do At The Fork In The Road?

The Mind of a Trader show

Summary: Mind of a Trader has a new home! ------- All of us at one time or another have come to a fork in the road. It may be a real fork in the road during a trip. It may be a family decision issue. It may be a major situation within your business. It may happen while you trade. How do you approach it? What do you do? Many times, society places so many concerns and warnings in front of us that we just look at both options and then plan and talk and analyze, but no action is ever taken. A commitment to action will always provide a stronger experience than doing nothing. Even if the decided action takes place and produces results that you do not like, the learning that comes from that action far exceeds the loss that occurred. To grow your skills, your knowledge, your emotional ability and many other areas of success, you need to believe in the decision you make and then act on it with strength and boldness. When the fork in the road appears, analyze and decide and then turn in that direction and start moving forward.