THE MOTIVATOR! Motivational Speaker and PublishedAuthor show

Summary: "LIFE I wont be stopped...well I can't funk with a tornado!I know better! We have a tornado warning in effect so no new show today...but tomorrow? It is on"!Hello World!I am Moreno L Jackson. I am also known as "THE MOTIVATOR"!I am a Nationally known Director, Writer, Producer, Author, Motivational Speaker, MC and of course a BOGTAKRADIO HOST!We are excited to have achieved many personal milestones with BTR!One to be relevant after over 235 LIVE shows, and to be consistenly in the TOP 15 for our category LIFE and for the second yar in BTR overall top 200 SHOWS! "Must be the shoes"!We are also excited to have surpassed 100,000 listens!"That's so cool"! We Hope that we are helping with the Journey that we call LIFE! Tune in each week as I will read one of my popular weekly MySpace Blogs, which has readership in the Thousands, talk about current events with Talk Of The Day,leave you with some People Of Purpose Tips and a Power Word Of The Day!You will tell someone :Good For You! You may even dance!!"Never a bad thing, right"? Thanks for tuning in! Appreciated!!