Doctor Who: 03.02 The Lords of Time

Doctor Who: Time Tales show

Summary: Jason Tate learns the truth about himself. While an age old menace rises from the shadows to claim dominance over creation. Doctor Who: 03.02 The Lords of Time Download (20:26, 28.2 MB mp3, released 2008.02.07) Written by Eric Busby Featured in the cast were: David Ault as Jason Tate M Sieiro Garcia as Emma Collins Elie Hirschman as Dominic Morin Mark Brusie as Noah Covington Amanda Fitzwater as Lauren Drake Laura Post as Mina Bruce Busby as Ravnos Gareth Preston as Spencer Lucien Dodge as Darkless April Smith as the voice of the Computer Chris Snyder was the Servant Boy This episode was directed by Eric Busby Production and sound design by Eric Busby