The Bad Religion Podcast - Episode 15

 The Bad Religion Podcast  show

Summary: Other bands playing Bad Religion songs, Bad Religion playing other band's songs, and more. Bad Religion songs played: Hurry Up Harry (Sham 69 Cover), Go On Your Own Way, Sowing the Seeds of Utopia, Shattered Faith, Louie Louie, Problems (Sex Pistols Cover). Other bands perform: You (The Thommys), Chasing the Wild Goose (Jawbreaker), Best For You (No Fun At All), Mr. Brett Please Put Down Your Gun (H20), Mr. Brett (Snot), Punk Rock Academy (Atom and His Pacakge), American Jesus (Simple Plan), Heaven Is Falling (The Ataris), We're Only Gonna Die (Sublime), The Positive Aspects of Negative Thinking (Juan Luis Gomez), Triple (Generator).