Episode 7 — Blake Butler

Other People with Brad Listi show

Summary: Blake Butler is the guest. He's the author of NOTHING: A PORTRAIT OF INSOMNIA, from Harper Perennial. Other books include the novels SCORCH ATLAS (Featherproof) and THERE IS NO YEAR (also from Harper Perennial). Butler is the founder of the popular literary blog HTML GIANT, and the editor of two literary journals, LAMINATION COLONY and NO COLONY. The show covers a lotta ground. Topics of conversation include sleep, lack of sleep, dreams, nightmares, fear, obesity, serotonin, David Foster Wallace, television, jogging, Don DeLillo, Tao Lin, the Internet, abstract Tweeting, Twitter anxiety, Twitter obsession, perspiration, dementia, writing rituals, and more. Probably something to which you should listen.