Episode 11 — Adam Levin

Other People with Brad Listi show

Summary: Adam Levin is the guest. He is the author of THE INSTRUCTIONS, a 1,030-page novel published by McSweeneys in late 2010 to great critical acclaim. Topics of conversation include: page counts, cigarettes, discipline, work schedules, exotic fowl, McSweeney's, readings, paranoia over readings, Facebook, Dave Eggers, Flannery O'Connor, the sound of writing, whispering birds, psychotic muttering, sentient beings, day jobs, teaching, Chicago, metalheads, punk rockers, George Saunders, bad posture, back pain, Hemingway, Nabokov, caffeine, hemorrhoids, Mary Gaitskill, fear of doctors, pedophiles, thyroglossal duct cysts, and more.