Episode 110 — Steven Gillis

Other People with Brad Listi show

Summary: Steven Gillis is today's guest. He's the author of several books and the co-founder of Dzanc Books. His latest story collection, THE LAW OF STRINGS, is now available from Atticus Books. Stephen Dixon raves "[T]his story collection hooked me from story one and continued to captivate to the end. Expert dialog and movement and resolution in each piece…This is a book you could read in a sitting or two. The pace is that swift; the stories are that good." And Michael Griffith says "Very few writers would dare explore, in a collection of stories, the intersections between quantum physics and everyday ethics, between cosmic law and domestic habit; fewer still could make those intersections so compelling and surreal and surprising, and could make the pages sing by so quickly; only Steven Gillis can provide just this bracing combination of thoughtfulness and spiked wit and deadpan finesse. 'The Law of Strings' is a revelation—strange, barbed, and original." Monologue topics: killing my television, beating my television within an inch of its life, sitting slack-jawed in a screen-induced narcotic haze, Amish novelists.