Episode 20: Father's Sins and Dragon Debates

MerlinCast show

Summary: Episode 20 is finally available!!! Please Note: I had to patch some of my (Aaron's) audio file because bits were distorted. Because of this some of the cuts may seem a little odd. I apologize! In This Episode We: -Have a full cast: Aaron, Sarah, Courtney, Andrew, and Rona from CamelotCast -Discuss the latest Merlin news -Cover Season 2, Episode 8 Sin's of the Father -Read your twitter questions and responses -Segment: Merlin Match-Up! -Be sure to check out our social networks: @MerlinCast facebook.com/merlincast email: themerlincast@gmail.com Website: www.merlincast.blogspot.com RATE and Review us on iTunes Thank You For Listening!