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Summary: In this episode of our "Crisis On Infinite Films" series, we take a look at the comic book inspired film, Green Lantern (2011) In a retelling of the story of the Fantastic Four, begins when genius Reed Richards builds what he thinks is a teleportation device which he unveils at a science fair. And when it doesn't produce the results he said would happen, he's shun by everyone. But a visiting scientist, Franklin Storm thinks that Reed built the means to cross into another dimension. He offers Reed a scholarship so he goes to New York to work on it and he works with Storm's daughter Sue and his former student Victor Von Doom. Storm also brings in his son Johnny, a mechanic to help him. When Reed says it's done, Storm decides to send him, Sue, Johnny and Victor. Reed asks his best friend Ben Grimm to join him. When they get there, they're exposed to elements not native to their own, And when they return, they start to change or gain abilities. Miles Teller - Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic Kate Mara - Susan "Sue" Storm / Invisible Woman Jamie Bell - Ben Grimm / Thing Michael B. Jordan - Johnny Storm / Human Torch Toby Kebbell - Victor von Doom / Doctor Doom Tim Blake Nelson - Dr. Allen Reg E. Cathey - Dr. Franklin Storm Chet Haze - Jimmy Grimm Listen, rate and share If you want to know where to find the film message us at Find us at Listen to Mike on Spoiler Alert!! from NewRealms Media... Listen to Mike on The Family Fright Night Horror Podcast ... Check out some cool music by host Matthew Haase at Check out cool merchandise related to our show at Become a Patron of the show here.... Listen to Mike on The Nerdball Podcast.... If you can during these troubling times make a donation to one of the following charities to help out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit