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Summary: In this episode of our So Bad They're Good series we take a look at the short animated film Foodfight! (2012) When the supermarket closes at night, the contents inside come to life. The shop becomes a living world for Dex Dogtective and all other creatures inside it at night time. However, with the new Brand X coming into the store, things take a turn for the worst. In other words, it's Toy Story in a grocery store mixed with a poorly rendered version of your worst nightmare. Charlie Sheen as Dex Dogtective, an anthropomorphic dog investigator,owner of the Copabanana nightclub, and mascot for a cereal product. Wayne Brady as Daredevil Dan, Dex's best friend; a squirrel pilot of a small aircraft and mascot for a chocolate product and the film's comic relief. Hilary Duff as Sunshine Goodness, an anthropomorphic cat mascot for a raisin brand; Dex's fiancée. Eva Longoria as Lady X / Priscilla, former mascot of the prune product turned owner and leader of Brand X. Larry Miller as Vlad Chocool, a chocolate cereal vampire bat with attraction for Dan. Christopher Lloyd as Mr. Clipboard, the robotic representative for Brand X products in the human world. Robert Costanzo as Maximillus Moose Chris Kattan as Polar Penguin Ed Asner as Mr. Leonard Jerry Stiller as General X Christine Baranski as Hedda Shopper Lawrence Kasanoff as Cheasel T. Weasel Harvey Fierstein as Fat Cat Burglar Cloris Leachman as Brand X Lunch Lady Haylie Duff as Sweetcakes Shelley Morrison as Lola Fruitola Edie McClurg as Mrs. Butterworth George Johnsen as Kaptain Krispy Greg Ellis as Hairy Hold James Arnold Taylor as Doctor Si Nustrix Jeff Bennett as Lieutenant X Stephen Stanton as Mr. Clean (deleted scene), Lord Flushington Jeff Bergman as Charlie Tuna Sean Catherine Derek as Toddler's Mom Enn Reitel as Kung Tofu / François Fromage Daniel Franzese as Twinkleton Listen, Rate and Share the show!!! Find us at Listen to Mike on The Family Fright Night Horror Podcast ... Check out some cool music by host Matthew Haase at Check out cool merchandise related to our show at Become a Patron of the show here.... Listen to Mike on The Nerdball Podcast.... Check out some cool music from Jason Quick at TO HELP WRITERS AND ACTORS ON THE PICKET LINES YOU CAN DONATE HERE: ENTERTAINMENT COMMUNITY FUND If you can during these troubling times make a donation to one of the following charities to help out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit