Kidlit and Romance Author Tanisia Moore and the One Thing You Will Have is Trouble

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Summary: <p>Kidlit and Romance Author Tanisia Moore joins Queries, Qualms, &amp; Quirks this week to discuss wanting her kids to see her have a life,  a two week deal, getting an R&amp;R from a friend, dispelling the dream agent, switching agents, the danger of #writingcommunity twitter, rejection being part of the journey, celebrating all the parts, and how not selling a book doesn't mean your art is bad.</p> <p>Known affectionately as “your family’s favorite author,” Tanisia “Tee” Moore writes uplifting work for all ages. For young adult readers, her debut book with co-author Lyn Miller-Lachmann in the Women of Power series profiling women filmmakers was announced in November 2020. For adults, she is the author of After the Storm, an inspiring contemporary romance novel of redemption and restoration. Tee has been published in the Alabama News, Medium, and Readers Digest, as well as a TEDx talk on motherhood and entrepreneurship.</p> <p>Tanisia: <a href="">Query</a> | <a href="">Website</a> | <a href="">Facebook</a> | <a href="">Twitter</a> | <a href="">Instagram</a> | <a href="">Amazon</a> | <a href="">Bookshop</a> </p> <p><a href="">QQQ Home Base</a> |<a href=""> Support on Patreon</a></p> <p><a href=";ouid=117960902139688351428&amp;rtpof=true&amp;sd=true">Read the full transcript.</a></p> <p>If links aren't clickable, find them here: <a href=""></a> </p> <p>This page includes affiliate links. Please use them if you’d like to support the show.</p>