THoC #141

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show! show

Summary: The House Of Cuckoos Radio Show #141 !!! Dr. Antonio takes the words of Urban Hippie to task by breaking down the correct pronunciation of "syrup"! Is it "sear-up" OR "sirip"?? OR even "usurp"?? And we consider the Cleveland accent when saying "candy" as well! Another Velocity Boy call-in, too! Plus we play a few classic skit bits including Fred the Jackass, the phallic finger, the Cuckoo Gospel, & Urban Hippie white rapping! We even talk of frozen eggs, fast food cows, &  Dr. Antonio's acquiring of an Atari 5200! It gets a little trippy in the sounds as well! The House Of Cuckoos Radio Show #141 !!! Pass that maple surp over! .