2020 Summary Findings from a Study on the Health of our Emergency Responders | Foundations Friday 77

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Summary: Sharing the summary and focus areas to help improve the overall health of our Emergency Responders. The summary is from a 2020 CrewCare report by ImageTrend. It includes feedback from over 4,100 Emergency Responders.Key takeaways:* Responders need each other's and their leadership's support* Obesity is a problem in the Emergency Responder community* Lack of employer resources was still a problem in 2020* Emergency Responders need to improve their sleep to improve their health* Exercise is a better stress-coping mechanism than alcoholRead the full study at https://www1.imagetrend.com/july-2020-health-of-our-emergency-responders-crewcare-report/* Have the plan to keep teams on track* Stay informed with facts, not fear* Get involved to make a differenceGodspeed