The Confidante - The Art of Confession

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Summary: we all need someone that has our back. We all need someone to confide in. Today we explore the meaning of CONFESSION and realize that it is something more than a religious act; that it is a way to release negativity from our hearts. But how do we know which person or people in our lives we can trust to do this with? The Confidante - TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: There is a reason why so many songs can bring us such comfort. Like there's a song that says, Have little faith in me, and that's what we all need is to have someone that has our back. That's one of the parts of the art of Friendship, We have each other's backs, right? That you know you're not alone, That when you're going through something that someone is there with you. Maybe they've gone through it already, or they can see better than you in certain circumstances. Today's show, I wanna talk about the confidant, and that came from confess. I was listening to Carolyn Myss. She brought up the whole point of, you know, everything's changing and so many religions and everything, and once you leave Earth, it's not about the religion. It's not, and that, but so many things have been thrown out. What's the saying, Matt? Like, thrown out with the bath water, [00:01:04] Matt: throw the baby out with the bath water. [00:01:06] Fawn: And one of the things that has been thrown out has been confession. And it made me think, And then we actually talk about, it's, it's so weird because on a parallel level we talk about the same stuff carolyn May talks about, you probably don't even know who she is. Uh, sort of, okay. So. The whole idea of confession. I started looking into it. I'm like, Well, I, from my perspective, I understand, I don't really understand the religious, religious aspect of confession. Like what is it really there for? Do you know, Matt, did you have confession growing up in the religion you were raised in? Oh my [00:01:44] Matt: goodness. Good Protestants. Don't do the confession. That was one of Martin Luther's issues with Catholicism. [00:01:50] Fawn: What's wrong with confession? What I mean, what do you think confession is all about? [00:01:55] Matt: Okay, so confession, not unlike communism is a really, really great idea in kind of abstraction. But when you start involving humans into the mix, everything gets messed up. [00:02:08] Fawn: