How Public Safety Personnel Can Battle Substance Abuse with Henry "Hank" Smith | KEV Talks #8

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Summary: In this episode my good friend Henry “Hank” Smith and I catch up a bit, share his background in the U.S. Military and Public Safety, then get into the well known but often overlooked issued - substance abuse in Public Safety.Key timestamps:* 0:00 Reunited…and it feels so good* 01:48 Hank’s story begins* 12:26 First cardiac arrest call* 19:50 Hanks struggles with alcohol* 28:35 Where there’s smoke* 38:37 Putting the article together* 50:00 Looking inward* 01:05:00 Public Safety progress* 01:11:55 Know you’re not alone*To contact Hank and learn more about him or book time with him to share the Substance Abuse in Public Safety presentation contact him at or on Instagram @henry.smith.804**Read Hank's article a t (pgs. 11-2)