The True Meaning of 'Martyr' and how it Affects Our Relationships

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Summary: Fawn and Matt get into the etymology of the word MARTYR and figure out what it means within our various relationships within our culture and society. Martyr the original sense of it, which means feeling torn between two conflicting impulses. We explore that sense of conflict within our relationships: work friend vs your own private life friend.Can you truly be friends with someone that you work with within a total corporate environment? For example, another example of that without being corporate would be, that most cops are not friends with normal citizens. And then now that we have the world in so much upheaval, we have politics coming into it. Can we be friends with someone who is so politically agitated or so politically distraught or not even distraught, but just so political, as opposed to back in the day, we used just to be friends with everyone.There is the religious friend as opposed to the friend who is not of a particular religion. because there's that division and it very much centers around core beliefs. Another conflicting impulse would be people of the opposite sex. Can men and women truly be friends? And what if you're not of a particular identity? What if you're in a relationship as opposed to being single? Can people who are single truly be friends with someone who is in a committed relationship or a marriage? Can people who have children truly be friends completely with people who don't have children? When we became parents, this was such When you're dealing with such polarized sensitivities in our culture, right now, it is an issue. It is an issue because people have different sensibilities for different situations and you can't always gel, especially when the world seems like everything is a trigger. At the root of feeling and being a martyr is the feeling of being torn between two conflicting impulses. What's the whole idea of a martyr and how are we being martyrs these days within our relationships, within our society? How can we transform out of this state? Transcript - Martyr [00:00:00] Fawn: Welcome back. Are you guys there? Hello? Hello. Happy every day, no matter what's going on in the world, guys, [00:00:08] Matt: are we recording [00:00:09] Fawn: faith? We are recording now. Hi everybody. Welcome. [00:00:12] Matt: Hello. [00:00:13] Fawn: Welcome. Welcome. Welcome back. Good every day, no matter what, let's keep the faith. Um, [00:00:21] Matt: interesting choice