Ethics and the world of Good and Evil, and Right and Wrong

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: Ethics is that weird branch of philosophy that concerns itself with conduct and questions of good and evil and right and wrong. And those four words good and evil, and right and wrong sound like they should be like, oh yes, good is right. And evil is wrong, but there are always shades of gray in between. You can do an evil act in the cause of right. You can do a good act in the cause of wrong. Welcome to the weird world of ethics and how it touches our friendships. This episode explores how we can help each other, and how remembering the art of friendship can help you in the midst of the turmoil of ethics, evil, and kindness.  How can you prevail with kindness and not have anything else come into your circle? And just have it be a kind happy world. Ethics 2 TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: Welcome back everybody. [00:00:01] Matt: Hello [00:00:02] Fawn: hi, good morning. And good evening. Good afternoon. Good all. Good all. All is well. All is well. [00:00:12] Matt: So we gonna put our, [00:00:13] Fawn: no matter what, [00:00:14] Matt: we're gonna put our college caps on today and talk about ethics. [00:00:16] Fawn: Yeah, we started a, we started a thing actually. We're letting you in on really the conversations we have in our kitchen, or when we go out for coffee. Inevitably. It always turns into the ethical dilemma. [00:00:33] Matt: I love, I love the game ethical dilemma, because very scary. You can split the hair and all of a sudden somebody's gonna do something god awful. [00:00:41] Fawn: And it makes me when we play ethical dilemma, it makes me wanna flip the table over. I don't like it. I feel very depressed,