How You End Is How You Begin

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: Why it's so important to end things on a proper note so that you can have a great new beginning; from friendships to jobs, to moving to a new place. How You End is How You Begin [00:00:00] Fawn: Hello? [00:00:01] Matt: Hello? [00:00:02] Fawn: Hi. Oh, so bears trucks, neighbors, wire transfers, bears documents. It has been [00:00:12] Matt: nuts. What a long, strange trip it's been [00:00:15] Fawn: This talk today is inspired by one of our friends. Who reminded us a couple years ago, really like to really think about it. Something we've always thought about. Like, I, I never, for this very reason, I'm just about to explain. I never, did the normal thing for like new year's Eve and stuff like that because how you end is how you begin. So I never, I. Well, sometimes I did but like sometimes I did, but like I never cursed the year before and said nuts to you, 2020 yay. For 2020, you know, 20, 21 or whatever the [00:00:56] Matt: right. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Why do you blasting the old while praising this completely unknown new? [00:01:02] Fawn: So Heather who was on our show a while, while back. Heather the advisor, she brought up this phrase of how you end is how you begin. So how you begin is connected directly linked to how you ended something. So folks, we finally did it.. We moved, we moved, we moved far away to another part of the planet. And we made sure ceremonial in all ways that we definitely ended things on a note that was. Clear. How would you say it? Mind you we're both still exhausted. We're still deep in the thick of a move and I think last night was the first time we slept in, in a real bed, in a real bed in over a month and a half. [00:01:56] Matt: No. [00:01:57] Fawn: Yes, [00:01:57]