Feeling Under the Weather

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: A reminder from Goethe: For five minutes a day, look at something beautiful, listen to something beautiful, and think of something beautiful, especially so when you're not feeling so well.    This week we focus on what to do when we don't feel well, and what to do when friends don't feel well.   TRANSCRIPT - Checking in on A Friend Feeling Under the Weather [00:00:00] Fawn: Welcome back everybody. A reminder from Goethe. Yes, for five minutes a day, look at something beautiful. Listen to something beautiful. Think of something beautiful, especially so when you're not feeling so well . So, hi folks. We caught something. We're two chicken to take a k. So we're just quarantining. We're just hunkering down the whole family. We don't know what we have, but it seems like all the other things we've had before. Honestly, like the kids get sick, It starts with, a sore throat and then their eyes get glassy and then it's, uh oh, [00:00:42] Matt: and then it's really low energy. [00:00:44] Fawn: Mm. It's just quiet. They get quiet. Exactly. Low energy, and then you're like, Oh, I'm tired. I'm gonna go. And then it's me staying up all night, cleaning up after everything that gets expelled from these kids all night long. Thank you very much. Matt . Why are you looking away? Like there's somebody else I'm talking to in this room. Oh my God. Matt, why do you do that? ? [00:01:11] Matt: Because I don't wanna accept. Yeah. Anyways. [00:01:15] Fawn: All right. I love you. [00:01:16] Matt: I know God, but my goodness, I, I try, [00:01:19] Fawn: geez. I mean, remember the day we used to fight over who gets to change a diaper? Well, changing diapers [00:01:25] Matt: is cool. That's easy [00:01:28] Fawn: ish. All right, so anyway, we're not feeling so well, so this is gonna be a little short episode.