S5:E6: Atari ST Halcyon Days of 1989 Part 3: Atari ST Gaming Gems

Into The Vertical Blank : Generation Atari show

Summary: S5:e6 Atari ST Halcyon Days of 1989 Part 3: Atari ST Gaming Gems Our favorite 1989 Console Style Games for the ST We had an ST when most of the other kids near us had various consoles. We knew our machine could play superior RPGs, Simulations, and Adventure titles, but how did it hold up against the 8 and 16 bit console games of the day?  Some ST console-like games were as good, some were not. We've chosen 20 console style games from 1989 for the ST to highlight and talk a little about, but before we get to those we’d like to highlight, let's first look at a list of the top 10 games in all genres from 1989, based on our ratings.  To make these lists we played every single game that has a 1989 release date in Atari Mania’s database, and ranked them based on Sound, Graphics, Game Play and Addictiveness,  usings scores of 1-10, then averaged those scores to come up with a rating.  The following list is how the numbers worked out for a top 10. It’s all subjective + math, but we did play all of the games from the year to be certain we were ranking them against their contemporary competition.  Videos for this Podcast:Atari ST Gaming Gems #6 1989 Top 10https://youtu.be/dCBzOatNAng Atari ST / STE Gaming Gems: Vol 7 -  Top Console Style Games from 1989 https://youtu.be/rZ0qsS42av0   Games discussed in this episode: Interphase    RVF Honda   Gauntlet 2  Midwinter  Seven Gates of Jambala (The)  Ultima V - Warriors of Destiny  Kick off Extra Time  SimCity .  Xenon 2 .  Stunt Car Racer  New Zealand Story  Super Wonderboy  Pipe Dream/Pipe Mania  Robocop  Blood Money  R-Type II  Rick Dangerous  Strider  Ivanhoe  Batman The Movie  Baal  Atomic Robo-Kid  JUG  Onslaught  Switchblade  Commando  Hawkeye