WBEZ's Afternoon Shift show

Summary: For the last three years, we’ve brought you news and conversations on a wide range of topics that affect Chicagoans’ daily lives. We’ve covered a lot of big stories: elections, the Polar Vortex, the passing of major figures in the city like Roger Ebert, Jane Byrne, and Cardinal George. The list goes on. But not everything we do is so serious. Whether it’s stories about food, real estate, arts and culture or sports, we’ve always tried to bring an element of fun to your afternoon. So, this hour, we keep things a little more light-hearted with the regular contributors you’ve heard on the show over the years. General Admission podcasters, Don Hall and Tyler Greene give us a summer arts preview. Real estate reporter, Dennis Rodkin, tells us about the new tour he’s hosting about Chicago’s sexual history. Food contributor, Louisa Chu, talks about the newest food trends in the city. WBEZ’s Tony Arnold discusses new allegations against former U.S. House Speaker, Dennis Hastert. WBEZ Sports Contributor, Cheryl Raye-Stout previews Game 2 of the Stanley Cup. NIU Meteorologist, Gilbert Sebentse, tells us how he first got into meteorology. And, we talk about what we love about this great city.