EPS 63: PROPHETIC DREAMS: Perfect Love Casts out Fear; Uncircumcised Hearts requires God’s Love and Obedience

The Vertical Relationship Show: Relationship Goals, Prayer, Biblical Counseling, Dating Advice, Christian Marriage & Healing Trauma show

Summary: <p>What is perfect love? Circumcision of the heart is an inner man commitment that reflects itself by outward lifestyle. God's love through tough obedience! Our hearts need to be changed radically by God. My prophetic dreams were showing me about the heart... How evil, pride, satanic rituals, false religions, and demonic cults of evil forces of the unseen realm keeps a hold of our hearts. </p> <p>Blessings xo-</p> <p>YouTube-&gt; <a href="https://youtu.be/c_P-g2zzkGo">https://youtu.be/c_P-g2zzkGo</a></p> <p>Christian Counseling &amp; Consulting -&gt; <a href="https://meliadiana.com/our-service">https://meliadiana.com/our-service</a></p> <p>Books-&gt; <a href="https://meliadiana.com/books">https://meliadiana.com/books</a></p> <p>VR Ministries -&gt; <a href="https://meliadiana.com/vertical-relationship-ministries">https://meliadiana.com/vertical-relationship-ministries</a></p> <p>Courses -&gt; <a href="https://meliadiana.com/vertical-relationship-academy">https://meliadiana.com/vertical-relationship-academy</a></p>