The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Exit Rich: The 6 P Method to Sell Your Business for Huge Profit by Michelle Seiler Tucker

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Summary: <br> Exit Rich: The 6 P Method to Sell Your Business for Huge Profit by Michelle Seiler Tucker<br><br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Wallstreet Journal Bestseller &amp; USA Today Bestseller<br> <br> 2022 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Medalist in Business &amp; Career<br> <br> Too many entrepreneurs push off planning for the sale of their business until the last moment. But for a business to sell for what it’s really worth―or even more―owners need to prepare for the sale from the very start.<br> <br> In Exit Rich, author and mergers and acquisitions authority Michelle Seiler Tucker joins forces with Sharon Lechter, finance expert and author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, to create a must-have guide for all business owners―whether they’re gearing up to sell a business now or just getting started building out their company into something to sell for a profit in the future.<br> <br> Seiler Tucker’s twofold approach to selling your business for maximum profit combines two of the most powerful elements of her mergers and acquisitions toolkit: the “ST GPS Exit Model” to help business owners set goals for the sale before their business hit the market, and the “6 P Method” to help them objectively evaluate their business’s worth, before their potential buyers do. Combined, these tools provide invaluable insight into the process of preparing a business for sale, finding the right buyers, and staging the sale itself.<br> <br> Throughout the book, Sharon Lechter’s wisdom peppers each chapter in the “Mentoring Corner” section, providing forward-thinking entrepreneurs with the perspective that they need to take control of their business’s future and exit rich.<br> <br> This book is a rich resource for any business owner looking to:<br> <br> • Objectively evaluate their business before a sale<br> • Improve their chances of finding the right buyer<br> • Sell their business for maximum profit<br>