living the dream with the founder of scarred not broken Brianna Terry

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: Brianna was diagnosed with Osteopetrosis at the age of 2. Osteopetrosis, which literally means “stone bone“, is a disorder that causes an individual's bones to be so weak and frail that simply bumping into an object will cause their bones to break.Autosomal recessive osteopetrosis (ARO), the type of osteopetrosis with which Brianna was born, is one of two forms of the disorder and is the most severe. ARO makes itself apparent during infancy and usually presents with abnormally dense skull bones that pinch nerves in the head and face resulting in vision loss and possibly the loss of other senses. This is the cause of Brianna’s blindness.While Brianna has been living with this disorder her entire life, God continues to give her the strength to endure the challenges with which she is confronted. Brianna has broken nearly every bone in her body, and still leads a full life. Her surgical scars tell stories of every battle she has faced and overcome. Brianna founded Scarred Not Broken to serve as a platform to remind other individuals with disabilities that, even if the battles of this world leave them scarred, they are certainly not broken! Check out Brianna’s organization at