Colors - How We Perceive Colors in Life and Color Translates In Our Connections with Each Other

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: Flowers evolve to be attractive to bees so that they can pollinate and they can reproduce themselves, which is if there's a lot of competition in the flower world, this is why you have such stunning orchids. It's because there's so much competition for bees because they can only pollinate so much in a day; the brighter and more colorful flowers attract the bees.But where did the perception of color come from and why is there such angst about color in our conversation and our lives?   Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: Color is a wild thing. It comes up a lot. It's very complicated. Yes. We're recording, honey. I I've always been confused by it in photography terms because each color has a certain temperature and it's so scientific. Why are I have so many questions? And we have so many topics I wanted to discuss today, but I'll try to stick it to one. Stick to one thing, not stick sticking to one thing, but I don't know, is this what started our color conversation? I was telling you about this person that I really like his artwork. I really like on Instagram and I usually don't follow or want to buy paintings. You know, I don't even hang up our own artwork because be cause I feel like there's so much information and there's so much loudness happening, not loudness as in aesthetics, but loudness as an information and talking that's happening. I feel like the furniture talks to me. I feel like when there's art or a photograph, well, photograph is art, but when there's something on the wall, it's constantly communicating with you and I need some quiet, right. Because I'm already; bear with me folks, but I already feel like even just sitting, I feel like I'm hearing and understanding, or at least taking part in whatever is happening in the world, I'm hearing it. You know what I mean? Does that sound totally off the wall? I don't want to sound too. Woo. [00:01:40] Matt: You know, for me as a individual, I don't like wearing logos. I don't like wearing logos on my shirts. I don't like wearing logos on my jackets. I don't like wearing, you know, let alone a band name on it. [00:01:54] Fawn: That's because it's talking to other people it's not talking to you. Is it talking to you? [00:01:58] Matt: The thing is, is that I feel the need then to defend whatever it is I'm wearing. So like it's like I could never get a tattoo because I'd have to defend that forever. [00:02:10] Fawn: That's a different subject. What I'm saying is things that speak to you. I guess tattoos are speaking t