living the dream with fantasy author Sarah Humpherys

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Summary: As a nationally published teenage author, Sarah Humpherys wants to inspire your audience to follow their writing dreams and connect with readers in other worlds. Your audience will learn important world building tips, the proper character and story arcs, publishing tips, and feel inspired and entertained. Sarah is a fantasy nerd that loves anime and Dr Strange. Sarah lives in Lehi, Utah and is a die hard fantasy nerd that can’t stop talking about dragons and anime. She's trying to get through her senior year of high school by creating her own worlds and characters, and has written six novels. Her latest is a Fantasy Romance Novel "Stone Cold" containing 308 pages of clean reading published through Morgan James in New York. She makes friends, but only with people who can stand her habit of constantly talking during movies to critique the plot, her memorization of the How to Train your Dragon wikipedia page, and a monologue explaining why Doctor Strange is obviously the best avenger. Check her out on the web at