living the dream with author meantal health coach social media influencer, and combat veteran Dylan Sessler

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: Dylan Sessleris a mental health coach, professional speaker, podcast host of The Dylan Experience, entrepreneur, combat veteran, and author of the book, Defy the Darkness: A Story of Suicide, Mental Health, and Overcoming Your Hardest Battles. In January of 2020, Dylan began speaking on Tik Tok about mental health and trauma. By 2022, he has accumulated more than half a million followers supporting his daily content centered around having a realistic conversation about things like mental health, abuse, trauma, self-harm, and suicide. His relentless pursuit has allowed him to impact the lives of millions while also developing a platform to help society rethink human connection and mental health.Dylan is an outspoken advocate on Tik Tok for bettering mental health, opening the conversation about suicide, and informing people about the causes and effects of trauma. As a mental health coach, Dylan has developed his work to be the safety net for the over-burdened and controversial mental health system that can leave people feeling isolated, misunderstood, and even drugged. Dylan is attempting to bridge the gap between lived experience and professional mental health support to keep people from falling through the cracks. His diverse experience from losing his father to suicide at 6 years old, the child abuse and bullying that followed, his wartime experience in Afghanistan, and the life changing injuries that followed brought him to the brink of taking his own life at 25. Since that day in March 2015, Dylan has learned to overcome suicide ideation and PTSD in his own way and more importantly, he has learned how to enjoy life even through the ever present adversity that life delivers.Check out Dylan on the web at