Understanding How Health Care Disparities May Influence Your Cancer Treatment and Care: With Tips & Strategies to Find the Best Cancer Treatment & Health Care Team for You

Multiple Myeloma CancerCare Connect Education Workshops show

Summary: - Disproportionate Burden of COVID-19 & Its Variants & Cancer on People of Color - Social Determinants of Health, including Language Spoken & Health Literacy - Influence of the Local & Regional Environment in Which You Live - Effect of COVID-19 & Its Variants on Health Care Systems - How Race May Impact Your Access to Oncology Care, Treatment, Management of Treatment Side Effects & Pain Management - Tips to Find Your Best Care Team - Access to Cancer Treatment in the LGBTQ Community - The Role of Housing, Cost of Treatment & Care on Your Health - Food & Pharmacy Deserts - Food Insecurity: Tips to Increase Your Access to Health Promoting Nutrition - Job Commitments, Access & Transportation to Treatment & More - How Telehealth May Help in Advancing Your Health Equity - Tips to Cope with Health Care Disparities: Valuing Your Identity - Guidelines to Communicate with Your Health Care Team - Questions for Our Panel of Experts