Living the dream with speaker, coach, and recording artist Kevin Roth

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: Speaker, Coach, Recording Artist, New Thought , PBS TV, Author and Creator of book and course "Creating A Life of Joy, Meaning and Abundance" Kevin Roth In 2016 Kevin was told he had stage three melanoma, and only a few years to live. Kevin completely changed his diet, life style , got rid of stress and recreated his life. The cancer never returned and Kevin now teaches what he does everyday to create a life he loves. Kevin have over fifty-recordings, sang the theme to a hit PBS TV show, won numerous awards, and became ' rich and famous' only to discover what's truly important... Living a purpose driven life authentically with a daily action plan is the stuff dreams are made of! Kevin’s passion is in his coaching, consulting, and personal appearances blending his new thought concepts with his music to educate and lift people's spirits. Kevin blends mindful-awareness, spirituality and science based evidence to design a life of joy, success and health. Check out everything that Kevin is up to at